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  • Adorable Yellow Butterfly Silver Studs


    These adorable yellow butterfly studs are too cute to be true! These are made with 925 sterling silver, in the shape of a butterfly that is yellow with specks of silver on it. Get this adorable gift while the stock lasts!

  • Aesthetic Blue-white Dragonfly Silver Studs


    These are our aesthetic blue-white dragonfly studs. Made of silver and in the shape of a dragonfly, these gorgeous studs are sky blue- giving that amazing cool yet adorable vibe to whoever wears it!

  • Aesthetic Peacock Earrings with Dangles


    These beautiful Aesthetic Peacock Earrings with Dangles are one of a kind. These earrings are perfect for that peacock look. They have a dangle on the side of it and some beautiful flowers etched in the center. These earrings are sure to please. They have a soft and delicate print on them. The minimalist design is perfect for anyone’s style.

  • American Diamond Rings Pendant Set


    This is a beautiful silver pendant set in a ring design, encrusted with American diamonds. Get ready to dazzle the crowds with this eye-catching silver pendant set. This crystal necklace is a daring and feminine piece that will add personality to your outfit and make you the star of any event.

  • American Diamond Vintage Silver Earrings


    The American Diamond vintage silver earrings are handmade in India. They contain untreated real silver and American diamond. These earrings have weight and depth, which makes them rich to look at and touch. These make the person who wears them look inefficiently elegant- making these earrings a perfect gift for the people you love!

  • American Solitaire Silver Ring


    This American SolitaireSilver Ring is a new brand of silver jewelry, hand-crafted with unique shapes and designs with distinguished quality, seeking to reflect our artistic mood. This handmade silver ring has been crafted with a lot of care and attention. The silver is polished to perfection and the design will be beautifully unique on each ring.

  • Ancient Egypt Crafted Silver Pendant


    One of our best-sellers is this beautiful Ancient Egypt Crafted Silver Pendant. This crafted silver pendant celebrates the ancient Egyptians with its hieroglyphs and detailed carvings. For those who seek adventure, heritage, or wisdom. The necklace arrives in a beautiful gift box, perfect for presenting to any woman you love.

  • Antique Chitrakari Oxidised Silver Studs


    These Antique and Chitrakari Oxidised Silver Studs are a perfect find for women who love to switch things up to fit their mood. These have a beautifully intricate design etched on them. The studs are made of 925 silver and are hallmarked, assuring you the quality. in the style category.

  • Antique Oxidised Silver Hasli


    Plated in antique oxidised silver, these chokers will surely make the perfect addition to your jewellery collection. A silver choker, embellished with a filigree work of oxidised details of flowers and leaves. This Antique Oxidised Silver Hasli choker is versatile and can be added to the simplest of outfits for a touch of boho chic.

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